I would love to tell you guys that I am a stay-at-home mother of three amazing girls, and full time writer,but I'd rather not start our relationship on a lie!  As any of you mom's of active kiddo's know, good parenting is a full time job: especially when people find out that you "don't work" and throw you on every committee and board on the planet.

So, what I can honestly tell you about me is this:  I.  LOVE.  TO.  WRITE!  This is my passion and I am doing it every chance I get these days.  My goal is to one day be able to do this full time and help support my family with my art.

I'm a Texas girl through-and-through, and yes, that flavor will show up a little in some of my stories, but not all.  Don't worry, I haven't decided to throw in any western romances or cowboy love....yet :)  As a disabled vet, though, you will see the occasional man in uniform, because, YUMMY!

I am happily married, and my sweet husband (bless his heart) has somehow managed to put up with me and all of my crazy for a whole lot of years.  

I love hearing from my readers and look forward to your reactions to my little offerings, be they ever so humble.

Be well, and God bless,

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