Prophet's Legacy Series


They say that right before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes.  What a load of crap!  The second Jaylee heard the click beneath her boot all she saw was the face of the man she loved, the man who would never know how she felt.  If you asked Jaylee what you see before you die, she would be the first to tell you that it's not the life you have lived, but the one you haven't

For five long years Jaylee Penn Sayer has had recurring dreams of the day a landmine in kuwait almost took her life, and of the man who saved her in a way she would never be able to accurately explain.  For half a decade she dreamed of the way he and their other teammates had disappeared into thin air, and why the remaining witnesses to the event seem to have no recollection of it at all.  

One tragic night in the Hill Country of Texas, as Jaylee watched her best friend's life slipping away, the man who saved hers so long ago, Marcus Cain, returns the way he left: suddenly, inexplicably, and carrying the pieces to Jaylees heart.

Immediately Jaylee's reality is turned upside down by a series of nightmarish attempts on her life, and Marcus is forced to reveal who and what he really is, the truth about her destiny, and why she can never have the thing she wants most:  Him.

As an ancient prophecy foretelling her existence unfolds, worlds begin colliding around her and Jaylee starts to discover gifts she never knew she had; gifts that mark her as an enemy to a dangerous foe, that free her from a curse, and that force her to send Marcus away...possibly forever.



Prophet's Legacy Series




Jaylee could count almost everything in her life by fives: Five people she'd almost killed by stepping on a landmine, and the five years she's spent in strained solitude ever since.  Then there were the five seconds it took her truck to roll off of the road and nearly kill her best friend, and the five days following that event that changed her l ife forever.

She wouldn't be counting by fives anymore.  For Jaylee, now was the time for: One.  One step at a time toward the altar where Marcus stood waiting for her. Two lives joined as their hearts had always been.  Three.  Three devils who wanted her dead.  And four. Four very supernatural gifts with which to defend herself and the ones she loves.

No more fives.

Jaylee would never be able to look at the world the same way again.  Not only did angels and daemons exist, but they were a very real part of her everyday life.  And soon she would find out, one side was more a part of her than she could ever imagine.

The more the hell-spawn threaten Jaylees existence, the more they unintentionally unlock surprising gifts from within her, and reveal the secrets that surround her.

Nothing in her life is exactly what it seems, and no one is who...or what...she thought they were.




In the third installment of the Guardian's Plight Series, Jaylee Penn Cain is returned to from one hell only to find herself continually dropped in others.

After clearing countless hurdles to be with the angel that has stolen her heart, and unite her supremely gifted family within the protected borders of her home, Jaylee finds that keeping them all safe is a nearly endless fight.

When Samyaza returns with a stunning partner in crime, Jaylee nearly loses that battle, the unique child she's carrying, and her very soul; but the love of her family, a shocking new revelation, and complete and utter grace save her once more.

But will it be enough to save them all?




Jaylee wanted the world to stand still when Marcus, her husband and only love, was lost. But it refused to do so. That big beautiful orb just kept right on spinning; throwing fresh challenges her way as it went.
The year: 2022. The Place: Israel.
World War III, or the Great Jihad, as it became known to those that survived it, simultaneously ripped the population to shreds and altered the world’s social, political, and geographic climates irrevocably. The small nation of The Holy Land alone remained sovereign, becoming a center for the dejected, ejected, and distraught; drawing the lost to it like a magnet.  With the refugee numbers nearing hundreds of thousands, and attacks, disease and hunger running rampant, the inhabitants of Petra chose to leave their home and offer their own unique skills to those who needed them the most.
In a new world, during a time of tremendous upheaval, every angel, Neff, and Elioud will find themselves in unimaginable battles, facing their absolute worst nightmares made manifest.  But for Jaylee these demonic horrors are nothing compared to her inner turmoil. While the son of a most insidious evil has set his sights on Kindle, her only daughter, Jaylee entertains the possibility of opening her heart to another.
Will Jaylee choose to love once more? Will she be able to protect Kindle from her own destiny, and keep her out of the claws of the son of Marcus’ murderer? Or are their fates inevitable?



A Magical Short

Walking the road of life is never easy, but for Emma, it's a special sort of challenge.  As the world's only lonely klutzy witch, Em is prone to falling, but she never expected that either of her two left feet would send her careening straight into the arms of her destiny.

Having only prepared herself for another of the epic failures her friends like to call "dates", Emma is taken completely by surprise when she lands in the arms of the man of her dreams.  Well, at least, the man of her latest vision.  Will Ash be able to not only accept what Emma is, but embrace the bond they unwittingly seal when they crash into one another?  Or will what she is, and what he must tell her about himself be too much for them to overcome?

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